♥ FOX organic fabric GOTS  ♥

beautiful FOX organic cotton jersey with GOTS certificate in two colours:

gots jersey fuchs aennie lauraundben

fuchs jersey GOTS lauraundben


fuchs jersey GOTS aennie lauraundben

aennie fuchs gots jersey lauraundben
aennie fuchs jersey GOTS lauraundben




MISS DAISY flower jersey

flower fabric vintage fräulein gänseblüm jersey


♥ three beautiful colours

♥ Oeko-Tex 100 Standard

♥ perfect for shirts, skirts, dresses and many other sewing projects

more details here



♥ woven flower ribbon MISS DAISY ♥



♥ three beautiful colours

♥ flowers ♥ flowers ♥ flowers ♥

more details here


fuchs jersey GOTS aennie lauraundben

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